Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Frog Hollow

Does your home have a name? Not the location, but a place name like Martha Stewart's Pecan Grove or Toot & Puddle's Woodcock Pocket--does your place have a name? When we first built our house I saw some special on tv about Martha Stewart's homes. I couldn't believe all of the names she had for them. My sister-in-law and I got to talking about home names. The idea was suddenly romantic to me. My sister-in-law's Connecticut homestead dates back at least 100 years. A 100-year-old house certainly deserves a name. Her house is on an acre--a double lot in her neighborhood--and it's situated sort of on a bit of a hill. She named her place Highland Meadow. So nice, so heather-smellish, Irish country-sidish. I loved the name. It called to mind purple wildflowers and tall summer grasses. Perfect. I liked this name thing, so I started to wonder what to call our new house.
At my first wonderings I thought about where we lived: near a wood, on a corner, in a pine flats, surrounded by oak scrub. Corner, flats, scrub--not quite the monikers I wanted. I liked wood. A friend has a self-publishing venture named Collinwood, a name I'd considered, but really, could an only child survive that kind of kingdom-ness? I love Holly Hobbies' Toot and Puddle, but Woodcock Pocket is very much their magical place, not ours. So, what could I name our house?

Fire ants colonize our yard. We live in a rural area. When we first built our house, our closest neighbor was a mile away. Our yard, or more specifically the weed and ant filled land that surrounded the house, wasn't picturesque. As far as names go, Ant Hill doesn't have quite the same ring as Highland Meadow or Pecan Grove. Neither did Armadillo Alley, Dirt Drive or the many other funny names we dreamed. We have a lot of tree frogs out and around our place. Rick and I used to marvel at the tree frogs that lived in our wind chimes. Each evening around sunset, we'd sit on the porch and watch the bright green frogs crawl out of the long hollow, hand-tuned tubes. Funny things, frogs. We've always loved quirky names of wines and beers like Flying Dog, Frog's Leap and Toad Hollow, thus inspired came our homestead, Frog Hollow.

image credit:
FHLogoCraftCenter.jpg. Vermont State Craft Center. 18 December 2007

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